Opposition MDC T led by Dr Thokozani Khupe has revealed that the party has accepted the invitation for dialogue from President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Party spokesperson Linda Masarira said the MDC T was sending its party leader Dr Khupe and the party’s Secretary General Gibson Nyikadzino.

Said Masarira:

The MDC-T accepted the invitation and the Presidium accompanied by the Secretary General Nyikadzino are attending the dialogue.

The national dialogue is important as it is a way of resolving the multi faceted crisis bedeviling the country. We believe that Zimbabwean politicians must learn to fight their battles without strangling the voter! This dialogue is a right step towards uniting all political players to work towards peace, truth, reconciliation and development of our country.

It’s good for our country that people find each other. Our nation is too polarised. There are destructive divisions. We need to see all political leaders burying their differences and focusing on bread and butter issues. The winner and losers all need to be magnanimous. Zimbabwe is such a beautiful country with vast potential for prosperity. We are praying for a fruitful dialogue which will see all political leaders putting Zimbabwe first.


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