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Comedian Nomsa Diana Muleya opens up about marriage

Nomsa Diana Muleya
Nomsa Diana Muleya

Top Bulawayo Comedian Nomsa Diana Muleya popularly known as MsDee, says it is hard for society to take comedians, especially female ones, seriously off the stage.

Nomsa Diana Muleya

The self-proclaimed queen of Bulawayo comedy, MsDee told NewsDay Weekender that she is single and had problems in relationships because of her chosen career.

“I am single and started comedy after my marriage broke up when my then husband went to Botswana and forgot about me and my son. However, it is hard to be taken seriously by men because they take what you do and say on stage and judge you by it,” she said.

Nomsa Diana Muleya said she once had a promising date, but the men later confessed that he was ill at ease if she was not the same person he knows on the stage.

“I have been judged for what I say when performing. Some people have watched me perform adult jokes at a pub and have failed to understand that such kind of jokes fit well with the pub audience,” she said.

“If I am called to do comedy for a school or a church function my material changes to suit the setting or client. So many have labelled me as a comic who spits only vulgar because of my pub performances.”

A mother of one, MsDee said she is advocating for women against gender-based violence and cyberbullying through comedy which she uses to raise awareness, entertain and educate.

“Comedy has exposed me to many things, I am currently advocating for the girl child and against gender-based violence. I will be rolling out programmes and shows to spread the word of social change through comedy,” she said.

working a lot with single mothers. As single mothers, there are some stereotypes around us. People tend to think we are losers, yet many of us were bold enough to walk out of marriage when we realised that it was not working.”

The comedian said she believes it is better to have happy separate parents than for a child to grow up in an unhappy family with both parents.

Source: NewsDay