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Pokello Apologises


Pokello Apologises with her latest picture on Instagram but it’s not exactly the kind of apology you are thinking about. The fashionista and Zimbabwe’s Queen of Swagger took to Instagram where she shared a beautiful picture and said: “I Apologise for making some of you feel comfortable enough to think you can play me. Pic @ikdphotographyzw”


Pokello clearly doesn’t take kindly to people who think they can play her and she feels sorry for letting people think they can. But I wonder who provoked the beautiful Pokello?

Pokello rocking it in back

Moving on, we can’t seem to get enough of Pokello and her amazing fashion options. It seems like she rocks in everything that she wears be it the expensive designer shoes or the popular Pokello Pink Bottoms…  But again who would provoke such a beautiful amazing lady?

Don’t lose yourself trying to impress us on Social media, we are not your real friends. ? @maknisy

Pokello really does know how to set standards as far as fashion is concerned and we can just sit back and let her set the fashion goals. I wonder what her secret to fashion is as we would want to know how she does it. Remember though that no matter how amazing she looks she still doesn’t enjoy people who play her…

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