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Don’t grow older, grow riper: Samkelo Ndlovu

Samkelo Ndlovu

Don’t grow older, grow riper: Samkelo Ndlovu. She is always motivating her fans and posts motivating quotes. Walk without fear, And share it with the world, these are some of the quotes she uses – Samkelo Ndlovu. Samkelo’s character Lerato is making waves on Etv’s Rhythm City and she has gained a big fan base. The actress is happy to be part of the Rhythm City cast and it is evident because of the pictures she recently posted on her Instagram account.

The woman is looking stunning more than ever. The recent pictures she has posted has shown us that Samkelo Ndlovu is back to her perfectly gorgeous body that we all know and love her for. Smakelo loves her job very much, she recently shared a very sweet message about how much she enjoys working as one of the cast members of the Etv popular drama series Rhythm City.

The Rhythm City actress has stood by her dreadlocks hairstyle since we knew her and she is not changing her hairstyle any time soon. She knows how to keep it clean and smart. She just makes you fall in love with dreadlocks. Check the stunning pictures she posted on her Instagram as she gears up for valentine’s day and some motivating quotes…

Don’t grow older, grow riper ❤️

We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

Always speak about yourself positively. Be nice to yourself. ?