Picture of the day! Pokello Nare, Madam Boss and Jackie Ngarande. These are with no doubt the leading women in Zimbabwe both on the entertainment scene and the business side as well. They are spearheading women in power and are making a positive change in Zimbabwe.

Pokello Nare one of the leading businesswoman in Zimbabwe. She started off as a media personality and she is still a media personality hosting gigs and being anchors of shows. She is also a fashion designer and her shoe label Pokello Pink Bottoms has managed to reach the regional world. The whole of Africa knows of her label and she is prospering very well.


She recently started a new business again specialising in nails and beauty products. The reception she got when she launched it shows people are loving it.

Madam Boss Tyra Chikocho one of the most successful comedians in the country right now. Tyra started as a comedian and now expanding to beauty and cosmetics products.

Tyra Chikocho

She is also a fashion designer and she is making jumpsuits that are trending in the streets of Harare. She has shown that if you persevere you will archive whatever goals you want.

Jackie Ngarande one of the top models that are transforming the world of modelling in Zimbabwe, She also has a good heart and she gives to all those in need. We are loving how she is an empowering girl child. They hung out together and these stars just looked amazing.


The ladies who are making it happen in the Zim entertainment industry.


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