ZESA: No load-shedding, power cuts being caused by rains. Some suburbs in Bulawayo have over the past weeks experienced frequent power cuts.

The power utility company, Zesa has assured consumers that there is no load-shedding in the country and the power cuts being experienced were due to faults caused by the rains.

In a telephone interview, Zesa public relations manager Mr Fullard Gwasira said there is no load-shedding around the country and the power cuts were as a result of faults caused by the rains.


“Zesa would like to advise its valued customers that there is no load shedding and the current power supply interruption in some areas of the cities are due to faults caused by the rains as we know we are in the rainy season.

“People should not be worried as Zesa is doing all it can to attend to these faults,” said Mr Gwasira. He called on customers to treat all electrical installations as live, as power could be restored without notice when faults are fixed.

Source: Sunday News


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