Zim Dancehall musician Jah Signal has hit back at his ex-wife Presh Dlowayo after she accused him of being a serial womaniser who bedded 15 women in the last 6 months. The 23-year-old chanter, however, refuted all the allegations and instead turned the tables on his ex-wife saying that he had dumped her because she was using love portions on him and wanted to have him ‘centrally locked’. Central locking refers to the use of juju to stop one’s lover from being able to have s_xual intercourse with other people. In the case that the partner does succeed in having intercourse with another party, it may result in the two parties being ‘locked’ and unable to separate.

Jah Signal came out guns blazing and said that Presh was insecure because she was much older than him and hence the decision to rely on love portions to keep him. He also said that he suspected that she was cheating on him and is doubting that he is the actual father of the couple’s child.

In an interview with the local publication, H-Metro, the musician

I hate that woman with a passion because of all the frustrations she has made me go through. She was older than me so she had her own insecurities. As a result of that, I ended up being a victim as she forced me to consume various love potions that she would give me so that I don’t leave her for other women.

Her plan was to make me relocate to South Africa, where she is based, but I couldn’t do that because I have a very big family here which I am looking after. When she realised that I wasn’t interested in relocating to South Africa, she then started to pester me saying she wanted to get me centrally locked so that I won’t be able to sleep with other women.

…At first, I thought she wasn’t serious so I wanted to see if she really meant it which prompted me to agree to what she was saying and she took me to a sangoma in Mufakose. When we got there, the sangoma asked me if I had made up my mind to get centrally locked and I refused. From there, we started having problems and I decided to leave her.

…I don’t believe that I am the father of the child that she claims to be mine because the time when the child was born and when I last slept with her does not tally. “I am ready to go for paternity tests with her so that we come to a conclusion on the matter.

In another interview yesterday, Jah Signal referred to Presh as “vomit” saying that he was not interested in going back to his own vomit.


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