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I Am Not Threatened By Winky D: Jah Prayzah

Award-winning contemporary musician, Jah Prayzah has poured cold water on his rivalry with Zimdancehall sensation Winky D, saying instead of feeling threatened, he gets inspiration.

This follows the release Jah Prayzah’s Kunerima visuals which broke his own record of the most viewed Zimbabwean music video in 24 hours only to be toppled three days later by Winky D’s MuGarden released on the 14th of February.

The release of the two videos has generated fierce debate on who between the two lanky musicians is better than the other.

So tense has been the debate that even respectable public figures such as former Higher Education minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo and many others have had to add their voices in the ongoing discourse.

Countless polls have also been created on Twitter and Facebook to gather views from the general public as the two videos continued to dominate discussions even on and offline.

However, in an interview with Acie Lumumba on The Lumumba Files over the weekend, Jah Prayzah delved on the matter in a well-collected manner applauding Winky D’s work on MuGarden, while dismissing rivalry between them.

“While I don’t feel jealous of him, I am not threatened by him as well. Instead, I feel inspired because he has done well, the video is really nice. His video concept and the storyline, it is just out of this world.

“After all, it is not about competition but taking Zimbabwean music to the next level. I am even glad that more artists are coming on board releasing high-quality productions,” he said.

He added that both of them have proved their capabilities and their collaboration if ever it sees the light of the day will rewrite the history books.

“We have exhibited our capabilities to the world and I believe the day we do a song together we will fill the National Sports Stadium,” said the 31 year-old-singer.

Meanwhile, since toppling Kunerima from YouTube’s number one trending spot on Friday, Winky D’s MuGarden has maintained its dominance after amassing 580 000 views at the time of publishing.

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