OPPOSITION MDC president Nelson Chamisa on Tuesday invoked the scriptures to give his followers hope that good times are around the corner.

Chamisa took long to interact with his followers, some of whom were indicating they are now agitated by empty promises day after day.

He drew from a Biblical story when Moses, who led the Israelites across the desert from the land of Egypt towards Canaan, sat on a mountain holding a staff while directing a battle taking place below him.

He wrote: “CANAAN ON THE HORIZON! We’re at Rephidim & the Amalekites are here. So Moses must go up the mountain with the staff of the Lord to pray with the aid of Aaron and Hur.

“Oh yes the signs are there and the evidence is upon us.We are near our smiles and jubilation away and all the sorrows and sorries of today shall be of the past

“Joshua goes into the battlefront to fight the opponent. History books being written as we plant new memorials. Exodus Chapter 17.”

Chamisa added: “The enemy seems so strong when so weak!The collapse is self-evident!

“Remember Saul turned to David to play a harp each time Saul was visited by that evil spirit.David also won the battles for Saul.Saul must understand and acknowledge David!

“Leadership is the ability to see what is coming before all others! I see joy!

“Mufaro uchauya. Kuuya mangwanani.”


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