Dancehall music star Soul Jah Love says contrary to popular belief, he is not a mental patient nor is he losing his mind. The singer said while some allege that he is always under the influence of illicit drugs; he ignores them.

In fact, he is just not bothered.

“I also do not compose vulgar songs, this is all people’s imagination,” said the lanky singer.

His marriage to fellow chanter Bounty Lisa ended abruptly amid serious concerns by the songstress over Soul Jah Love’s social life.

But the singer says it is only the two of them who really know what triggered the divorce.

Although Bounty Lisa said their love is irreconcilable, Soul Jah Love says he still loves the diva unconditionally and he believes she loves him too.

“She might have said something about our relationship and I can’t comment on that. A lot happened between us and she has her way of explaining them.

“I loved her, I love her and I know deep down she loves me. I’m the one who wronged her. Between the two of us, we know the truth, love exists,” he said.

Born Saul Musaka, Soul Jah Love said 2019 is the year to make amends and correct mistakes from the past.

“This is the year to make amends. You know here and there we are found on the wrong side and I’m trying to cut on that,” he said.

Equated to the talented and jailed Vybz Kartel the singer said: “A lot of things have been said about me but no one knows exactly what will be happening. Some have said I’m a mad man and I act like one just to please their wish.

“The truth is I’m normal like anybody else. Some say I will be under the influence of mutoriro and I act like one just to please them,” he said.

Sauro as the chanter is fondly known said at times he uses people’s sentiments to his advantage, marketing his work.

“At times I act like that to make people talk and at the same time listen to my music. I have learnt that there is nothing like negative publicity and the more they talk the more my music flourish.

“Some said I sang vulgar on Matambudziko and the more they talked about it the more the song got popular,” he said.

The song Matambudziko is on his 2018 album Naka Dhula Dhaka: “Some said it was vulgar but it’s not anywhere near that. It was just word play and the goal was to send the message and people received it,” he said.

He said he is retracing his roots as he discovered that fame can make or break someone.

“I want to go back to the person I was in 2013; to my humble beginnings. Fame can make you think you’re bigger than everything or everyone. I want to be that humble person people knew; whether someone said this or that I was always calm. This is what I want to be,” he said.

The chanter said he has many surprises in store for 2019 and is mooting collaboration with Nigerian star Davido.

“I’m now under new management and we will be unveiling it soon. There is a lot planned, more music. I’m hoping to have a duet with Davido or a Jamaican star. This is the target,” he said.

Sauro had a message to his fans. “The sky is the limit. This is a new year and it means new styles and more music. I will continue singing even if I’m ill,” he said.

Soul Jah Love is one chanter after Tocky Vibes who was singled out by the late superstar Oliver Mtukudzi in a radio interview as a talented artiste with valuable message.

He said he felt honoured by the mention and he will always cherish it in his heart. “For me, we are not mourning but celebrating his life. He paved the way for us and we will always remember him for that. He worked with several young artistes and for him to mention Tocky Vibes and I was a great honour. He was not an ordinary artiste and I will always cherish that,” he said.

– DailyNews


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