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Funeral wake for Battlefields disaster survivor Speak out

One of the survivors of the Battlefields mines disaster was mourned in Mukumbira, Mt Darwin North Constituency after relatives had presumed him dead.

Thickmore and his father

The mines disaster was laden with anguish, expectation and despondency, and for the Madimutsa family of Mukumbura, the presumption was that one of their own, Thickmore had perished, prompting the gathering of mourners at a village in Mt Darwin north.

According to Thickmore’s father, Mr Takaruza Madimutsa, logistics to carry the supposed body of their kin had been made, with the area’s legislator promising to provide transport.

However, upon setting foot at Silvermoon Mine, Mr Madimutsa heard the good news that there were prospects of finding some of the trapped miners alive after rescuers heard some voices underground, but he dismissed the report, and instead assumed the voices were of ghosts.

A few minutes later, his son was brought to the surface, and he was the first one to be rescued.

Thickmore owes his rescue to the power of God and he vows never to venture into artisanal mining again.

When he went underground alongside his peers, he expected to be out just after a few hours and had not carried any food with him since it was tradition to always come to the surface for lunch or dinner.

Thickmore was one of the eight trapped miners who were rescued following the disaster in which 24 people were confirmed dead.


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