A HARARE magistrate yesterday jailed Borrowdale police officer-in-charge Simbarashe Sibanda to four years for attempted murder of his police girlfriend in a dispute over relish.

Sibanda (40) was sentenced by Harare magistrate Jessy Kufa, who suspended one year of the sentence on condition of good behaviour.

The complainant Stella Ruswa is also a police officer.

In convicting him, Kufa ruled that Sibanda was a police officer who must have self-control.

“Sibanda must have controlled himself since he is a member of the police force. He should have known that gender-based violence was a serious case and a custodial sentence will deter other would-be-offenders as sentencing him to a fine or community service trivialise the offence,” Kufa ruled.

Prosecutor Chipo Matambo told the court that on June 8 last year at around 5pm, Sibanda visited Ruswa’s residence and realised that she had not prepared supper.

The court heard that only a pot with boiling water was on the stove and Sibanda confronted Ruswa about the issue.

Ruswa told Sibanda that there was no relish to prepare the meal, which did not go down well with him. A misunderstanding ensued between the two and Sibanda reached for the boiling water and poured it on Ruswa.

The court heard that Ruswa sustained severe burns and was admitted at West End Hospital for 11 days.



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