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Zimbabwe’s “RTGS Dollar” Tops Africa’s Top 20 Strongest Currencies

List of Africa’s 30 strongest currencies updated every week. The Povo News top 30 African currencies index uses the USD as the reference currency.

Rank Currency Value to USD $1
1 Zimbabwean RTGS Dollar 2.5
2 Tunisian Dina 3.06
3 Malaysian Ringgit 4.08
4 Ghana Cedi 5.23
5 Moroccan Dirham 9.53
6 Botswanan Pula 10.54
7 Zambian Kwacha 11.94
8 Seychellois Rupee 13.88
9 South African Rand 14.01
10 Eritrean nakfa 15
11 Egyptian Pound 17,54
30 Congolese Franc 1631.00
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*We did not include the Libyan Dinar which is trading at 1:1.39 to the USD because the currency is artificially pegged by the Central Bank of Libya. Black market rates are around  $1=04.51

**We also did not include countries in the South African rand union i.e Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland & Namibia since their currencies are 1:1 with the South African rand

-Povo News

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