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Ndanga Ndisiri Kushora Winky D But Why Should We Take Foreign Cultures: Thomas Mapfumo

Chimurenga music icon Thomas Mapfumo has clarified on earlier remarks he made about Zim Dancehall artist Winky D saying that his comments had been misinterpreted. Mapfumo had seemingly roasted Winky D and other Zim Dancehall artists for doing Dancehall music without being able to sing or speak Patois. However, in an interview with Phatisani and KVG on StarFM, Mapfumo emphasized that people had misinterpreted his comments.

In the interview, H-Metro quotes Mapfumo as saying,

“Ndandisiri kushora Winky D. I was just saying if one decides to do dancehall do it the way the Jamaicans do it because this is where it originated from.

Muno muZimbabwe tine tsika nemagariro edu and our own type of music, that we fought for, that brought liberation to the country and is popular out there in other countries.

In countries- out there at big festivals musicians from various countries come and represent their music and culture, achazosara achiti representer ndiani? Why should other musicians try and destroy a legacy we build through blood by taking other genres which have a culture of other nations.

Let’s stand by ours so that when we go out there we represent ourselves, let us not be I decolonised. Those that want to follow other genres should do it following the culture of that music.

This is not the first time that Mapfumo has had to clarify remarks that he had previously made about other musicians. He recently clarified on remarks he had made after seemingly roasting Macheso and local musicians after the death of the late music icon Oliver Mtukudzi.

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