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Alph Lukau In Miracle U-Turn, Claims “Dead Man” Was “Warming Up” In Coffin

In a very dramatic turn of events, self-proclaimed Prophet Alph Lukau is now backtracking from the miracle he allegedly performed when he raised back a “Zimbabwean” man from the dead. The founder of the Alleluia International Ministries is now claiming that the “dead man” had already risen when he was brought to him and that he had only “completed a miracle that God had already started”.

The humiliating climbdown came after eagle-eyed people exposed the miracle by highlighting that the so-called dead man was actually alive in the video of the resurrection miracle and pointed to many inconsistencies in the video. The church is also facing legal action from three funeral parlours, Kings and Queens, Black Phoenix and Kingdom Blue, who are suing the church for the “malicious damage” to their images. Speaking on behalf of the parlours, Advocate Prince Mafu said,

It is with regret that the outcome of such a plot has adversely affected our reputation as service providers. We have reported the matter at Jeppe police station for further investigation.

Realising that they were under scrutiny and untold pressure, the officials from the church claimed that the man had actually risen before the coffin arrived at the church.

Church minister Busi Gaca told the Sowetan,

As soon as they got here they started hearing movement coming from the coffin. And you know [in] our culture if a person is dead and you start hearing movement people get scared.

Pastor Rochelle Kombou added,

By the time the man of God [Lukau] got to him he was already breathing. I was screaming. I saw his tongue moving. It was not a resurrection miracle, we are saying the testimony was completed by the one who is chosen to do what he does.

These miracles of healing and deliverance were not an unusual sight at the church. The responsibility of the man of God is to help the testimony to come to life. The man of God completed the miracle by praying because prayer is the key.”