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Zanu PF to spend half a million on fuel alone for ED’s solidarity march

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government is simply ‘new wine in old bottles’, with his party Zanu PF set to splash nearly half a million towards fuel that will be used to ferry people across the country’s ten provinces to a ‘mere’ solidarity march organised for him by the youth wing.

While former President Robert Mugabe might be languishing in the political dustbins of Zanu PF following his fallout with Mnangagwa, history is simply repeating itself as evidenced by the extravagant spending.

ZW News is in possession of a circular directed to all Zanu PF provincial chairpersons to conduct a meeting tomorrow where they should mobilise supporters ahead of the solidarity march.

In the letter Zanu PF national commissariat said it is going to supply fuel not less than 10 000 litres per each province while expecting the provincial structures to mobilise a minimum of 30 000 people.

“You are instructed to convene Provincial Coordinating Committees tomorrow 26 February 2019 to be addressed by the most senior party member on the following matters. The need to mobilize adequate resources to transport a minimum of 30 000 people from your province to Harare to participate in the solidarity march in support of cde Emmerson Mnangagwa on 02 March 2019.

“The participants to the march will gather at the open space behind rainbow towers where they will be addressed by Cde Mnangagwa. The commissariat is issuing the following fuel quantities Bulawayo 10 000 litres, Harare 15 000 litres, Manicaland 15 000 litres,” reads part of the letter.

Zanu PF behind the scenes is supplying fuel for party agendas yet the nation yesterday ran dry of diesel forcing public transport operators to hike fees beyond the reach of an ordinary man.


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