The government has issued a directive saying that when there is a change of vehicle ownership, the new owner is no longer required to get new number plates but will continue using the old ones. This has been necessitated by a shortage of number plates. Number plates will only be changed in four specific cases listed below in an email  advising of the changes.



Due to shortages of number plates, CVR has changed its policy on change of ownership.

New Policy On Change of Ownership

With effect from today 26 February 2019 all vehicles changing ownership should maintain current plates, what only changes is the new registered book with details of the new owner. This functionality have (sic) been enabled in the system. The motorist pays it and get (sic) a registration book only with new owner details. The number plates and 3rd plates remains the same and no plates will be surrendered. All the other requirements remain unchanged.

New Number Plates will be issued as usual on the following cases;

1. When a government or local authority vehicle is changing ownership, the plates must be surrendered as usual. They pay $80 or $70 if trailer/motorcycle policy did not change for these vehicles

2. Where a vehicle is changing ownership and category from Public Service Vehicle(PSV) to private or vice versa.

3. Conversion of old “check letter” post/defaced number plates.

4. Replacing damaged/l An MD Circular will be done to this effect

An MD Circular will be done to this effect




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