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Father Catches Son & Best-Friend Red-Handed Engaging In Sodomy

A 29-year-old Mvurwi man got the shock of his life, when he walked in on his son and his best friend, engaging in consensual s0domy, after hearing sounds coming from the barricaded door.

It is reported that on 2 July last year the man who cannot be named for ethical reasons, arrived at his homestead from Harare and heard his son crying inside the house while the doors were closed. Upon entering he saw his son being s 0domised in the blankets by his friend.

In a fit of rage, the man assaulted his sons best friend telling him that what he was doing was not permissible by law. The man from Blanco farm Plot 17 is reported to have also assaulted the mother of his son’s best friend, who was rushed to the hospital. The mother of the assaulted son, who had visited the house of the accused to hear the narration of what happened, was heavily assaulted upon arrival and sustained bodily injuries.

Appearing before magistrate Artwell Sanyatwe, the accused pleaded not guilty to the assault charges laid against him.

The matter continues on 5 March. Carson Kundiona represented the state.

-Iharare News