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Mukanya Denies Failing To Raise Funds To Go Back To US, Denies Attacking Winky D

LEGENDARY chimurenga musician, Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo, has cleared the air on a number of issues. Lately, several people were made to believe the musician is failing to raise funds to go back to the United States of America where he is based, a thing he has dismissed. He also reportedly attacked Winky D.

“Zimbabwe is my home, ndiko kumusha kwangu I will go at my own time and no one should question me when I should go.

“Mind you its winter time in the US and I also want to enjoy zuva rekumusha kwangu. Ko ndikati ndakugara zvachose, munotii?” he said.

The musician has also had several farewell shows which have prompted people to think he is failing to return to the US.

“Mapromoter ndiwo anonyora maposter kuti farewell show, vanenge vachiedzawo kumarketer show.

“I was also trying to pay the people I was working with during my tour so that my name is not tarnished vachiti Mapfumo akatiza nemari dzedu.

“Promoter wataishandai naye haasi kuwanikwa kana kudaira phone haadairi asi hatineyi nazvo.

“I am happy that I paid the people I owed and they are also happy,” he said.

Mapfumo said isn’t struggling to raise funds to go back and will be going back to the US on February 27 as his family now misses him.

“Ndinofanirwa kudzokera next week Wednesday, mhuri yangu yandisuwa yave kutondivhunza ndodzoka rini.”

Star FM’s Pathisani and KVG with Thomas Mapfumo

Mapfumo also said the video circulating of him speaking on Winky D has been misinterpreted by people.

“Ndandisiri kushora Winky D. I was just saying if one decides to do dancehall do it the way the Jamaicans do it because this is where it originated from.

“Muno mu Zimbabwe tine tsika nemagariro edu and our own type of music, that we fought for, that brought liberation to the country and is popular out there in other countries.

“In countries out there at big festivals musicians from various countries come and represent their music and culture, achazosara achiti representer ndiani?

“Why should other musicians try and destroy a legacy we build through blood by taking other genres which have a culture of other nations.

“Let’s stand by ours so that when we go out there we represent us, let us not be decolonised.

“Those that want to follow other genres should do it following the culture of that music.”

Mapfumo featured on the popular Star FM 326 Xpress show hosted by KVG and Phathisani last Thursday.

— HMetro

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