Fearless Super Granny Saves Teenager From Crocodile Attack

SUPER granny in the house!

A brave 62-year-old granny saved her 13-year-old granddaughter from the jaws of a crocodile at Lungwalala Dam in Binga, police confirmed.

The attack occurred at around 5AM on Monday while the victim was walking in the company of her grandmother, Petina Ncube of Sianungu Village, Chief Siansali’s area in Kariangwe.

The elderly woman hit the crocodile several times with her walking stick until it let go of the victim.

The girl was bitten on the left leg and sustained five crocodile deep teeth cuts.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Chief Inspector Siphiwe Makonese confirmed the incident.

“There’s a report about a girl from Binga who was attacked by a crocodile at a crossing point at Lungwalala River which flows from Lungwalala Dam. The victim who walked in the front, was attacked when she stepped into the water and was bitten on the left leg by a crocodile which was inside the water,” she said.

Chief Insp Makonese said the crocodile tried to forcefully drag the victim into the water but her grandmother who was behind her swiftly hit the crocodile on its head four times using her walking stick, resulting in the crocodile letting go of the victim.

“Ncube then took the victim back home where she was rendered first aid by her grandfather before they took her to the hospital.

“They then rushed to Kariangwe Mission Hospital where she was admitted and is receiving treatment. Her condition is said to be stable,” she said.

Chief Insp Makonese said the increasing number of crocodile attacks which sometimes result in deaths were worrying and warned villagers to be careful and alert when near water bodies to avoid being attacked by crocodiles or drowning.

Last month, a 13-year-old Tongwe school pupil, Anymore Muleya was hunting water ducks with his elder brother in Tongwe Dam, Beitbridge, when he sustained injuries on his left leg, after a croc bit him.

Attacks are also frequent in the crocodile-infested Tongwe Dam. In November 2018, an 11-year-old boy from Binga was allegedly killed by a crocodile while fishing at Back Harbour in Lake Kariba.

The crocodile was shot dead by Zimparks rangers while it was still holding onto the boy’s body but some body parts had already been devoured.

In April 2017, brave villagers from Jotsholo in Matabeleland North tracked down a crocodile that had devoured a boy (11), killed it with machetes before skinning it and recovering some of the boy’s body parts that it had swallowed.

The crocodile attacked the boy while he was swimming with a friend (14).

-B Metro

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