How Nelson Chamisa Became MDC President: Happymore Chidziva


I am forced to tell the nation how it all happened.Before the death of our founding President Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, the MDC-T party called for a national council that was to decide who shall be the acting President as our dear President was seriously ill.

The night before the meeting the President passed away. We were left with no option but to continue with the meeting. In that meeting Advocate, Nelson Chamisa was unanimously elected acting President.

After the burial of the Founding President, we met with District chairpersons of all wings to consult on the way forward who then directed the National Council to go and elect a President to replace President Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

The council was called and President Advocate Nelson Chamisa was elected as the President of the party that’s why He is not acting President but The actual President of the MDC.

We went into an election under MDC alliance as the electoral identity. Khupe participated under MDC-T with a few members who have lost in party primary elections like Chinyadza.

After the elections, we then fulfilled the dream of Baba Morgan Tsvangirai of forming one formidable force to fight the ZANU PF regime and we are MDC as led by advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Which will then renew reorganise and modernise the party as per Constitution and in line with the direction of the party organs at the end of the 4th Congress term.

The MDC will not be directed by ZANU PF factions to do internal processes. We will define our own ways and have already defined.

I explained this such that people don’t get lost Advocate Nelson Chamisa is not an acting President he is substantive President of the movement.

We are not obsessed with elections at this Congress but to shape the politics of the country by defining correct politics and giving the alternative idea.

Happymore Chidziva is the MDC Alliance Youth Assembly leader

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