Kadoma Mines Flood Disaster Survivors Recount Horrifying Ordeal Underground…‘We Stepped On At Least 10 Bodies

The 8 survivors of the Kadoma mines flood disaster recounted the mental and physical torture they all went through whilst trapped underground for nearly 4 days.

The 8, who include Takudzwa Kabaya (20), Thinkmore Madimutsa (23), Simon Mushonga (26), Lovemore Katsirange (43), Tinashe Ndaruza (20), Ronald Save (21), Silent Napulu (33) and Washington Chaku, recounted how they survived their four day ordeal without food and clean water and how it reaffirmed their faith in the Almighty.

Ndaruza said the four days were harrowing as they waited to be rescued.

“It was a terrible experience as we spent three days without eating. We survived on water during those days,” he said.

“Hope of making it alive was slowly fading as the days progressed. l did not stop praying during this time day and night asking God to help me make it out alive,” he said.

“As we tried to escape the disaster we stepped on at least 10 bodies. The possibility of others coming out alive from our shaft are now very slim. However, it is possible that they could have found somewhere to hide like we did,” he said.

Another survivor, Mr Silent Napulu said tragedy struck as they were about to get out of the pit.

“We had finished our mining activities and on our way out we were pushed backwards by water and luckily we managed to climb on a rock where the water level was low. That is where we were perched for the past four days,” he said.

Another survivor Mr Chaku shocked authorities and onlookers as he emerged from the shaft with a 10kg sack of gold ore which he refused to surrender and carried to the hospital.

4 miners in one shaft are said to be still trapped underground with no hopes of finding them alive.

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