Mozambican national caught trying to smuggle Zanu PF regalia into Mozambique

Zanu PF officials are reportedly selling party regalia from last year’s elections to flea markets in neighbouring Mozambique,” NewZimbabwe has established.

The regalia was distributed to ruling party supporters during campaigning for last year’s disputed elections.

But with the elections over, the material appears to have lost its appeal, resulting in some supporters selling it off across the border where there is a high demand for wrapping cloth.

This came out during the trial of a Mozambican national who was caught trying to smuggle over 130 Zanu PF inscribed java wrapping cloths.

Dinis Jose, 36, of Pambanisa Manica, Mozambique pleaded guilty when he appeared before magistrate Tendai Mahwe recently.

He was facing charges of possessing property reasonably suspected of being stolen.

The magistrate, however, pardoned Jose and ordered his deportation back to Mozambique.

Prosecutors told the court that sometime in December Jose was nabbed by law enforcement agents while trying to cross into Mozambique carrying a sack full of Zanu PF campaigning material.

The suspect reportedly failed to explain how he came into possession of the material leading to his arrest.

Asked why he was possession of such material, Jose said “Your Worship I bought these cloths at the Sakubva second hand flea market and I intended to sell them Mozambique to raise income for my family”.

— NewZimbabwe

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