Villagers left shell-shocked as Tsikamutanda Reveals Missing 4 Yr Old Was Kidnapped By Witches To Be Turned Into ‘Chikwambo’

SHOCK and bewilderment have seized Vukuzenzele 2 Village under Esikhoveni area in Esigodini District following gruesome revelations that a four-year-old boy who mysteriously disappeared four months ago, was alive and being taken care of by suspected witches who want to turn him into a tikoloshe.

The chilling revelations were made by witch-hunters popularly known as tsikamutandas who visited the area for a cleansing ceremony last week at the instigation of villagers.

This was after the draught villagers’ frantic search for Belinda Mlilo’s baby who mysterious disappeared on 20 November last year yields nothing.

Reports are that Mlilo who was employed as a domestic worker by the Mhlanga family left her baby as she went to a nearby bush to gather firewood.

It is reported that the boy mysteriously disappeared when he tried to follow his mother.

A visit by B-Metro to the area on Tuesday afternoon revealed a somber atmosphere after the tsikamutandas assured villagers that the child was still alive and was being kept by witches from the area (names supplied) who wanted to turn him into a tikoloshe. A village elder Paul Sibanda said the gruesome revelation by the tsikamutandas that the child was still alive but with a missing tongue horrified the community.

“We are all in a state of shock after the tsikamutandas told us the missing child is still alive but with a missing tongue and was being kept by witches who want to turn him into a tikoloshe.

“They said the witches are from the area and they are going to name and shame them during a cleansing ceremony where they will be rescuing the boy.

“This is not the first time a child has disappeared in the village. Two years ago another child who mysteriously disappeared was later found with missing private parts,” said Sibanda.

In an interview one of the family members where Mlilo was employed, Sibonile Sibanda confirmed the incident saying they were now pinning their hopes on tsikamutandas who claimed they were going to rescue the child from where he is being kept by suspected witches.

“On the fateful day I went with the boy’s mother to fetch firewood and when we came back my grandmother told us the boy had mysteriously disappeared while he was trying to follow us. She told us she heard screams of the boy in the nearby bush but could not get to him on time,” said a distressed Sibanda.

She added: “we searched for him but to no avail and a report to the police has also yielded nothing.

“We are now pinning our hopes on the claims by the tsikamutandas who said the child is still alive and that they are going to rescue him. The boy’s mother went with the tsikamutandas who said they are praying for her and the baby before the cleansing ceremony”.

“It is a mystery,” another neighbour said, shaking his head in disbelief.

Headman Njabulo Mguni also confirmed the incident buttressing Sibanda’s sentiments of pinning hopes on tsikamutandas.

‘‘It is true that the child disappeared and our frantic search for the past four months proved helpless. We are now pinning our hopes on some prophets who visited our village for a cleansing ceremony who claimed the boy is still alive and they are going to rescue him from where he is being secretly kept.

“So far they are cleansing homesteads saying it’s a preparatory mission for the rescue of the boy next week,” said Mguni.

Meanwhile, in 2016, a 13-year-old girl from Inyathi in Matabeleland North’s Bubi District shocked the community when she confessed to have stayed in a granary for four days in the company of alleged four goblins and six neighbours during which they feasted on dead people’s flesh.


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