A Zimbabwean pole dancer was over the moon on Tuesday night, after she walked away with the most sought after, american dollars amounting to $ 3 000 following a tip from a tourist who was dazzled by her prowess as a dancer.

Ethel Chirume (22) who has been in the practice of strip tease for only a year now told the local tabloid H-Metro that the gesture she got from the foreign national was the biggest appreciation she has received in her career.

” Many people look down on us as strippers, but I have achieved something that I had never achieved in my life through strip tease. For the first time I got to be given $ 3 000 cash through my works,” said Chirume.

The overenthusiastic stripper also added that, although strip tease is regarded as immoral in our culture, it was definitely profitable than most respectable professions. Despite the controversy drawn by these kinds of performances in Zimbabwe strip tease has become popular with a lot of out goers, who have been captured by the seductive erotic moves displayed.

” I don’t take it lightly because there are so many people who are working in the so called good jobs who cannot get as much as I have done. However, its is unfortunate that what we do is regarded as prostitution, people do not take into consideration that striptease is just like any other form of art that entertains,” she said.

The e_rotic dancer also said that she was without any doubt that strippers could meaningfully contribute to the countries tourism sector.

Pole dancing in Zimbabwe became on of the most popular activities in Harare and beyond, since the beginning of 2012. Beverly Sibanda and Zoey Sifelani have been recognized as the pioneers of the trade, which they practiced in South Africa where it was already popular.


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