Elikem’s new Zimbo bae has lashed out at unsolicited opinions that he downgraded from the glamorous Pokello when he chose to be with her.

Elikem & Newly Pregnant Zimbo Bae To Have A Reality TV Show

The pregnant Edith Chibhamu said people are just jealous and bitter over her relationship with Elikem hence the malicious comments.

“Handigumbuke. I make my own rules. I read the bible. I pray. When Jesus says yes no one can say no. Anebhora ndiye anomakwa. I will always be me. And I love me. #theboldandbeautiful You say he downgraded God says he made the right choice. #loveandbeloved. Bitterness and Jealousy will destroy you in life. Muchingovukura isu tichingotonga ” she said.

Elikem finally REVEALS new Zimbo bae’s FACE


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