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Ex-boss says ‘resurrected’ man an idiot

The man who “died” and was brought back to life by pastor Alph Lukau is Brighton Moyo – and he was “very strong and healthy”, his former employer has said.

“His name is Brighton … He’s an idiot, not Elliot. How can someone do that to God?” asked Vincent Amoretti in an interview on SAfm yesterday.

“He did work for me. He worked on my machines,” he said. “He’s a nice guy … He was not sick. He was strong and healthy. He had a very strong will,” said Amoretti.

Moyo, who was initially identified as “Elliot”, made headlines when a video of him in a white, silky suit being “resurrected” by Lukau started trending on social media.

Lukau’s church, Alleluia Ministries, has since distanced itself from claims that he brought Moyo back from the dead.

Amoretti, the owner of Vincent Amoretti Timber and Construction, said Moyo had worked for his company for six months.

“He was suspended on full pay. We suspended him on the 4th of February.

“He missed work the Monday and he was late the Tuesday. He was supposed to come back the following Monday and he didn’t,” said Amoretti.

He said he was initially heartbroken when his staff told him that Moyo had died.

“When the guys came and said Brighton has died, my heart broke. I love my staff and I will do anything for them.”

However, when he saw the video of Moyo being “resurrected”, Amoretti said he laughed.

“When we saw the video, there was a big laugh. When they showed me the video where he was brought back to life, I could have gone to his coffin and rung his neck properly. You don’t do that type of thing.”

According to Amoretti, Moyo had previously pulled another stunt at the church.

“From what they say he was in a wheelchair once before and they got him to stand and walk. I found out that he was trying to recruit people here to go to this ministry to do these acts.”

Amoretti said he would take Moyo back if he decided to return to work.

“But when he comes back I’ll ask what was going on in his mind. What was he thinking of when he went and lay in that coffin pretending to be dead?”

— Sowetan (SA).

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