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Ezekiel Guti’s Grandchildren Refuse To Go Home


ZAOGA Forward in Faith Archbishop Ezekiel Guti’s grandchildren caused a scene at Highlands Police Station on Tuesday when they refused to go home with their maternal grandmother.

The children stay with their mother Ethanim Perfect Munamato Guti at their maternal grandparents’ home after they moved out of her matrimonial home with her husband Lindsay Nyajeka.

Ethanim Perfect Munamato Guti

Infidelity was fingered as the reason for separation with Nyajeka accusing Ethanim of having an adulterous affair with a married pastor in the church.

Nyajeka, who is said to have been barred from going to the Guti’s residence, had gone to the police station to hand over the minor children to the Archbishop’s wife Eunor Guti where they caused a scene refusing to go.

The children had to be forced to get into a vehicle where Eunor was after some resistance.

Impeccable sources close to Ethanim and Nyajeka said Nyajeka had to bring the children to the police station because he was barred from going to Guti’s residence.

“The separation between Nyajeka and his wife is mainly affecting their children because they are not used to the current setup of having their father staying away from their mother.

“I don’t think that they can resolve their differences.

“Ever since Nyajeka started having problems with his wife, he has never been allowed to see his father-in-law by some church members who envy how he was powerful in the ministry.

“He (Nyajeka) is no longer allowed to go to his in-laws’ place of residence that is why he has to take the children to the police station each time that he was wants to take them back to their mother,” said the source.

— HMetro

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