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Baba Harare Dumped By Band Members As Allegations Of Ill Treatment Emerge

Contemporary musician Baba Harare has fallen from grace with his band members and friends who have abandoned the group, following allegations of ill treatment

Drummer Tinashe Chihota, 24, bassist Kudakwashe Yanika, 26, and Keyboardist Tafadzwa 23 have abandoned The Reason Why hit-maker.

The new band manager, Mama Filo who used to manage Jah Prayzah , has been fingered as the architect of the internal conflict in Baba Harare’s City Vibration band, which resulted in the trio’s departure.

” Yes, we finally quit Baba Harare’s City Vibration band during last Extra Mile show with Peter after the inhuman and unprofessional treatment by his new band manageress, Mama Filo.”

In an interview with the H-Metro, Baba Harare’s friend and band member Yanika expressed discomfort over the betrayal, commenting that his friend Baba Harare turned a deaf ear after confronting him over the issues of ill-treatment.

” Imagine all band members surrendered, but I sacrificed many personal life projects for his talent and band and recorded his first two albums with him at no cost because taiti tikugadzira chinhu chemumwe wangu who was going to be with me for good, but he paid a completely deaf ear to my cries. I became powerless,” said Yanika.

Mama Filo is alleged to have been overprotective of Baba Harare, despising anyone who got close to him and made incessant threats of firing the band members over trivial issues.

” Mama Filo was always after me because of my closeness to Bravo, often over very petty issues and she would often say, muchabuda basa just over very small issues, most of them funny. She said that there are many instrumentalists in ZImbabwe who can play anything imagine?”

The straw that broke the camels back was when the manager deliberately left the bands Keyboardist, after he had waited for them, when he had visited the gents room.

Source Iharare News

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