Soul jah Love performing on stage

Zimdance-hall chanter Soul Jah Luv was yesterday issued a warrant of arrest after failing to appear for his court case.

Souljah Luv, real name Soul Musaka Muzavazi, was yesterday issued with a warrant of arrest after he absconded from court.

The artist was supposed to appear before Harare magistrate Learnmore Mapiye where he was supposed to receive his ruling in a case he is being accused of breaching the civil aviation regulations act.

His lawyer, Conwell Muteve told the court that Musaka was in South Africa and that he had missed his flight on Monday.

” Musaka left Zimbabwe on Friday to do his four shows in South Africa and he missed his flight yesterday,” he said.

The Naka Dhula Dhaka album maker was arrested at Robert Mugabe International Airport on December 12 last year, for unruly conduct thereby contravening section 83(4) of the statutory instrument of 2016 which deals with the security airport after boarding a South African bound plane.

Soul Jah luv allegedly forced himself through the screening point at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport after he refused to deflate a ball he was carrying.

The dance-hall chanter made headlines this week, after he stormed off stage after showing Up late and performing only 2 songs, to the audience’s disappointment.

The musician’s career has been marred drama and the musician has been trying to resuscitate his music career after a long absence from the music scene, which has led many to believe that the musician’s career is coming to an end.

-iharare news


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