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Bev Reveals “Bleaching” Secrets, Claims Everyone Is Doing It kana Andy Muridzo

Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda has said that there is nothing wrong with using skin lightening chemicals as everyone who has money is doing it. In an interview with H-Metro, Bev claimed that many local prominent people were using bleaching chemicals and specifically gave the example of her alleged former lover Andy Muridzo.

Said the controversial dancer,

In life know that when you are doing good things, there is life before and after. Hanti mafuta acho imari here; is there any difference with my skin? It is just that I get injured while on stage; when I do my 180 (split), I will be at work as I will be pleasing my fans.

Mafuta iwayo imari and everyone is bleaching. Even Andy Muridzo and many others are bleaching. Many people vakableacher, angu anoita R2500 the whole kit. It’s all about money and on the video Magate, I was white, and people were saying a lot about my complexion.

Last week I was at a show, and put my picture on my WhatsApp status, and people were saying I am Michael Jackson’s sister. I don’t know if it was the makeup I was putting on. I was too white and someone asked asi hazvirwadze here?’ The South African weather is good for me. People think I had plastic surgery, ndoiwanepiko mari yacho iyoyo.

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