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BREAKING: Chamisa to meet Former President Mugabe at Blue Roof

The opposition MDC Alliance has confirmed that it’s leader Nelson Chamisa will be meeting with former President Robert Mugabe in the next few days.

Speaking on Voice Of America’s Studio 7 on Sunday evening, MDC national spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Chamisa will be meeting with Mugabe at his Blue Roof residence without giving specific issues that the two will discuss.

“Indeed Chamisa will be meeting with Mugabe anytime within the next few days. There are a lot of issues that Chamisa will want to hear from Mugabe bearing in mind that Mugabe led this country for over 30 years,” Mafume revealed.

Mafume defended the latest developments, saying Mugabe was an experienced politician and had a good thing or two about him that Chamisa could learn from.

Said Mafume: “It doesn’t mean that because Mugabe was bad there is nothing positive that can be drawn from him with the huge political experience he has.”

Mafume’s sentiments were echoed by MDC Parliamentarian Prince Dubeko Sibanda who claimed that the MDC can not afford to ignore the huge experience that Mugabe holds and would not be thrown into the dustbin just like that.

“We can not today wake up dumping Mugabe into the sewage. There is a lot that we can learn from Mugabe as we prepare to govern this country in the future.”

Mafume dismissed rumours suggesting that Mugabe is bankrolling MDC 2019 Congress.

ZANU-PF officials claim that Mugabe has been funding the MDC president during the 2018 elections, and that the Mugabes are bankrolling Chamisa’s current campaign to win the party presidency at the Congress set for 24 May this year.

“Chamisa is the last card on the table for the Mugabes. With the G40 vanquished by the Lacoste, and the National Patriotic Front (NPF) in tatters, the last card Mugabe has is Chamisa, who he hopes might win State power some day and save his family assets which are under pressure from the President Mnangagwa administration,” a ZANU-PF central committee member told this publication.

Members of the G40 faction in ZANU-PF have scattered across the continent following their jettisoning from power by a Lacoste assisted by the army in November 2017. But even there, they are far from safe, and have had their funds seized and bank accounts frozen by the State.

Recently, a ZBC TV news crew filmed Jonathan Moyo’s farm in Mashonaland Province, saying it was being underutilized, with observers saying that was a precursor to its invasion in “a matter of weeks.” The courts also gave the State two months to extradite Jonathan Moyo and Walter Mzembi, key G40 allies, to come and face trial.

Both have been hiding on foreign lands since the end of 2017.

Last week, Gushungo Holdings lost the case in which they face eviction from the Mazowe farm they have been operating from since being formed. They were only saved from instant eviction by a group of Mazowe farmers after the Mugabes appealed at the Supreme Court.


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