Following the Ethiopian Airlines crash which killed 157 people on Sunday, the Zimbabwean government has classified the Boeing 737- Max8 as unsafe. According to Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity & Broadcasting Services, Energy Mutodi people should check the model before checking in for their flights.

Writing on Twitter, Mutodi said,

While investigations around the plane crash involving Indonesian & Ethiopian planes are continuing, we would like to advise Zimbabwean citizens that we have classified the American-built Boeing 737-Max8 as an unsafe aircraft due to its malfunctioning auto-pilot software.

A combination of malfunctioning sensors, an unfamiliar auto-diving software and inability to resist aerodynamic roughness in the lower atmosphere make the American Boeing 737-Max8 prone to take-off and landing accidents. Always check the flight model before check-in.

Ironically, Air Zimbabwe does not have the model and is only operating a single plane at the moment.


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