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Chamisa Says Sanctions Must Go But It Starts With The Causes

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has called for the lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe.

He however said the first thing to go must be the cause of sanctions, which he said is “elections rigging as well as the appalling human rights record” of the Zimbabwe government.

“With rigging of elections and state sanctioned violence in place, imagine lives lost due to human rights abuses, crimes against humanity, unconstitutional and unlawful use of state institutions. Sanctions must go and it begins with the causes,” Chamisa said.

The MDC leader was responding to a follower on Twitter who had asked him: “Your trump card is sanctions, theirs is ‘reforms’… You say the electoral field is not level because there are no reforms; they cry the same and say sanctions tilts the field towards you, saka todii (so what do we do)?”

Chamisa also accused President Mnangagwa of poor diplomacy with other nations, saying that an MDC government would engage in what he called “smart diplomacy.”

“I’m urging Mnangagwa to listen and be humble enough to address the causes of any dispute with any country in this world. You don’t restore and normalize relations through sloganeering, rhetoric,demand and peer petitions but through dialogue, action,political reforms and smart diplomacy,” said Chamisa.

The US Embassy in Harare denies sanctions have affected ordinary people. They have for the past week run a social media campaign with the hashtag #Truth where they claim sanctions only affect 84 ZANU-PF leaders and 56 corporates on the list.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Defence and War Veterans Victor Matemadanda has said the war veterans body is cranking up the heat on the US Embassy over sanctions.

Matemadanda said the var vets will organise an anti-sanctions march from all corners of Zimbabwe to converge at the US Embassy in Harare “soon”.

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