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Kadoma Teacher Under Fire For Initiating Grade 2 Pupil Into Satanism

One Estere Gudoshava (39), a Kadoma teacher at Ingezi Primary School is being accused of initiating a grade two pupil into Satanism.

Gudoshava of house number 2251 Jacaranda Avenue, Westview in Kadoma was arrested under case number CR98/03/19, charged with assault as defined in the Criminal Law Codification Act of Chapter 9:23.

It is the State’s case that on March 6 she ordered the pupil to go out of the classroom.

While outside she allegedly took a razor blade from her handbag and cut the pupil underneath her right leg.

The State alleges that she wiped off the blood from the wound using a cloth taken from her handbag, placed it back in the bag and ordered the complainant not to disclose the matter to anyone.

When the girl confessed at home, Gudoshava was arrested and the pupil was taken to Kadoma General Hospital for medical examinations and a medical report would be produced as evidence.

Gudoshava is denying the charges against her instead saying the pupil absconded lessons on the said day and she did not know where she was.

“I do not admit charges levelled against me. On the day in question l went to work at around 9:30am and l then went for a school meeting at 11:00am; later on the day l went back to the class after the meeting.

“The student did not participate in school activity and did not write her homework at school; l do not know where she was,” she said.

The pupil’s parents and relatives stormed the school baying for Gudoshava’s blood and justice bringing learning to a halt.

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