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Dog attack woman battles for life Update

ABUNDANT Life Revival Mission International is appealing for funds to fly a woman to South Africa or India for severe dog bite surgery after she was recently savaged by her landlord’s dogs in Bulawayo’s West Somerton suburb.

Ms Cherish Muchegwa (25) is being treated at the United Bulawayo Hospitals after the five dogs tore off flesh from her arms, legs and behind two weeks ago, leaving her with stomach-turning injuries.

Ms Cherish Muchegwa

She is awaiting a quotation for the surgery, which it is believed will run into tens of thousands of dollars.

Chronicle is in possession of her pictures, but could not use most of them as they may be distressing to those of a nervous disposition.

In an interview Prophet Itai Ukama, who was speaking on behalf of the victim and her husband Mr Joseph Masaiti, said the church has so far raised $11 000 but it was only enough for preoperative care.

Preoperative care refers to healthcare provided before a surgical operation.

The aim of preoperative care is to do whatever is right to increase the chances of success of the surgery.

At some point before the operation the health care provider will assess the fitness of the person to have surgery.

“The injuries you saw are just 30 percent, on her hands and her legs the bones are exposed. The injuries are severe, as a church we have so far raised $11 000. This lady is the wife of my assistant pastor. I went to UBH and discovered she was not getting attention so we quickly raised $7 600 and took her to Mater Dei, but at Mater Dei we were paying almost $1 300 a day and we became incapacitated so we took her back to UBH, but this time in a private ward.

“But this $11 000 is nothing, for us to get her back to normal this is just a small amount, they have not even done surgery on her, so far they are just cleaning the wounds to prevent them from becoming septic. So you can imagine the journey we have ahead and as a church we cannot do it alone so we appeal to all Zimbabweans, the corporate sector to step up and help,” said Prophet Ukama.

He said the couple had no hard feelings against a Mrs Mlalazi, the owner of the dogs even though they wished she could do more to assist since the dogs are hers.

“This is just a young couple; she is just 25 years old. From what I understand the owner of the dogs only contributed $100, but the idea is not to blame anyone but to save a life. In fact I know that they have nothing against the owner of the dogs about what happened. One of the most painful things from this is that Ms Muchegwa was supposed to sit her examinations and this happens.

“Every Monday we pay $1500 to pay for her outstanding bills at Mater Dei, besides those bills we have three doctors attending to her, we have the doctor who checks up on her, the surgeon and anaesthetist, if you add the UBH bills it becomes very hard to get her the necessary medical assistance so we feel there could be people out there who could assist,” he said.

Prophet Ukama thanked Bulawayo Provincial Affairs Minister Judith Ncube for the assistance she is rendering.

On Sunday at a service to mourn Cyclone Idai victims at Harvest House International Church, the minister appealed to well-wishers to assist the family pay up the medical bills.

He said: “I also must say that we appreciate the help we are getting from Minister Judith Ncube, she has expressed a humane heart and a motherly heart. She has appealed for assistance and has so far raised $300. We are of the opinion that to speed up the treatment and if funds permitting we fly her to South Africa for ease and quick treatment. South Africa has better facilities so we feel that she will get better treatment there, not that our doctors are not good but we don’t have the facilities.”

People interested in helping Ms Muchegwa can contact her husband on 0773 960 966 or send money by EcoCash to the same number.

Those who want to make a bank transfer can use the church’s Zb bank account – Abundant Life Revival Mission International, account number 4304413264080 Jason Moyo.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, Cde Raj Modi on Monday donated $3 000 to Ms Muchegwa and appealed to the corporate world to assist.

“I was deeply touched by what happened to Ms Muchegwa. Those injuries are grave and I hope she recovers. To assist in her recovery I am going to give her $3 000 and I ask my friends in the corporate sector to chip in and help,” said Cde Modi.

— Chronicle

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