A Harare man sensationally claimed that he would not pay for maintenance for the child whom his ex-lover claims is his until he was certain that the child was his.

Ashdorn Jonga was hurled to court by his estranged lover, Kumbirayi Bvunzawabaya, seeking maintenance for the child she claims is his.

Jonga contested the claims by Bvunzawabaya, vowing not to pay until DNA tests are completed.

Jonga told the court that he was under the assumption that Bvunzawabaya had aborted the child because she had confided in him that she would abort the child. Jonga also added that he was suspicious that his ex, might have been having an adulterous affair because someone had threatened him that he wasn’t the biological father of the child.

” When Kumbirayi was pregnant she told me that she wanted to abort the child and I told her that she could do what pleased her …. someone came and threatened me saying he was the father to the unborn baby. I can’t pay maintenance for the child now your worship. I want paternity tests first and I don’t have money at the moment because I am being looked after by my younger brothers.

Bvunzawabaya, however, had a different story to tell.

” I am not the one who came up with the idea of aborting the child, he is the one who came with the idea because he was avoiding responsibility.”

Presiding magistrate Shella Nazombe asked the two if they had engaged in s_ex before and they both conceded.

She then ordered Jonga to pay $70 as maintenance till the DNA tests are completed and to pay all the expenses for the DNA tests.