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Mbudzi Cemetery SAGA Takes New Twist…. Masowe Madzibaba & Madzimai Face ARREST For Failing To ‘Ressurrect’ Dead Girl

Two madzimais and a Madzibaba from an apostolic sect are facing arrest after they gatecrushed a Form 4 pupil’s funeral at the cemetery and making claims that she wasn’t dead.


The self proclaimed faith healers stirred up a storm at Granville Cemetery (Mbudzi) when they claimed they could ressurrect the girl and prove that she wasn’t dead.

Daphne’s grief stricken parents caved in from the pressure by other mourners and the crowd  who had gathered to witness the drama and allowed the team to proceed with the miracle .

One of the family members spoke to H Metro and said :

“The girl’s, uncle could not continue with the burial ritual as some sections believed that the girl was still alive. He went to Southlea Park Police Base fleeing from mourners who demanded that the resurrection miracle be conducted.”
We went to Southlea Park Police Base with the body and the women could not raise the girl and we then proceeded home for further rituals after insistence that the girl would resurrect.”

Marshall Shonai who went to the house said

“The family said their daughter was never resurrected, never drank water or ate.

They eventually took the girl back to the graveyard to go and bury her after it was all in vain.

Before the whole drama a certain “pastor” came and claimed the child was not dead, he prayed and just as he finished the hearse arrived to collect the body for burial.”

Cops say they are now investigating the matter.

-Iharare News 

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