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Photos : Mbare’s Matapi Flats Have Been Given A ‘Fresh, New Look’ By Govt

VICE-President Constantino Chiwenga in July last year promised residents of Harare’s oldest suburb modern apartments with swimming pools as ZANU-PF stepped up its campaign to wrestle control of the capital from the opposition MDC.

Chiwenga told a campaign rally in Mbare that the dilapidated Matapi hostels in the poor neighbourhood would be transformed after the elections and be made to look like Borrowdale, and that those that had relocated to affluent suburbs like Borrowdale would flock back to Mbare.

Well, the flats in Mbare have been given a new look, kind of.

The flats were repainted and cleaned up by the government.

“We have a comprehensive master plan for the home industries and the Mbare hostels to the extent that wherever we reconstruct a block of flats, there will be swimming pools for children and kindergartens,” Chiwenga said last year as election season was in full swing.

“Mbare will be the first place that we are going to develop in Harare, and those that had relocated to Borrowdale and Mount Pleasant will come back to Mbare,” he said.

Chiwenga blamed the MDC-T-run council for the poor state of Mbare. He said residents were staying in dilapidated buildings with broken windows, potholed roads, and dirty surroundings with uncollected litter because of the incompetence of the council.

Seems problems solved now, right?

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