A Binga mother is haunted and traumatized by a mystery that befell her three-year old daughter Precious. The family went to bed as usual, with no signs of illness or trouble with the baby, only to wake up the next morning to find her looking like she had been burnt by a fire all over the body.

There was no fire outbreak at all.

Her skin peels off, but she does not feel any pain. The burns are so severe that Ms Martha Munenge is living a life of watching her daughter being “roasted” as her condition has started to deteriorate.

“About two weeks ago, we went to bed as usual, when we woke up, Precious looked like she had been burnt. However, she was not feeling any pain despite her skin peeling off. She was looking like someone who had been rescued from the fire but there was no fire. She was also not feeling any pain which really baffled us,” said Ms Munenge in an interview with Sunday News.

“(After a week), she started feeling itchy and even crying for hours. Her entire body is affected at the moment. She has lost her hair and is having difficulties when attempting to eat.”

When she took her to Mpilo Central Hospital, doctors could not establish the cause of the disease.

“They took samples of the blood and other things for examinations but so far there is no proper identification of the disease. We are waiting for the final results and hoping for better news this time around,” said Ms Munenge.

She said she needs $6 000 to meet expenses such as scans, blood transfusion and other medications she has been advised to look for by the doctors.

“I am poor and can’t afford some of the medication that doctors said we must buy in cash and sometimes in foreign currency. Medication is also very expensive, and is being sold in forex as well. Those willing to assist me can call on 0783418020. That is also my EcoCash number,” she said.

Sunday News