Chinese Woman Sets Dogs On Zimra Official On An Operation To Smoke Out Smuggling

A Chinese owner of a warehouse in Southerton, Harare, watched in glee as her dogs mauled a female ZIMRA official and her colleague who had gone there to smoke out the smuggling of goods into the country, an incident which Zimra spokesperson Francis Chimanda has confirmed.

The Chinese lady, identified as Alice Wang, has since been reported to the police.

The Zimra officials who were driving in a branded car when they went and parked at the entrance gate and proceeded to knock.

“A team of Zimra employees visited a client’s premises on March 20, 2019 to conduct a routine verification,” he said.

“Upon arrival at the premises the proprietor of the premises opened the gate to receive the officers, and two of their guard dogs came out of the premises and attacked one of the officers. The officer suffered injuries on the leg and was taken to the hospital by her colleagues for treatment.”

However Wang denied reports that she set the dogs on the official, saying she regretted the incident.

“I didn’t set the dogs. We know each other so as I was greeting her, my dogs probably felt jealous and attacked her. That was a mistake and we went to Southerton Police and we also took her to hospital,” Wang told NewsDay.

She said they are into the business of making sheets and comforters.

Police at Southerton station confirmed receiving the report on Wednesday and said they later forwarded the matter to Mbare, since it falls in that jurisdiction.

— NewsDay

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