Watch Emmerson Mnangagwa equates self to God, says rivals Satan

Emmerson Mnangagwa equates self to God, says rivals Satan

President Emmerson Mnangagwa equated himself to God on Tuesday, while denouncing his opposition rivals as the equivalent of Satan.

Mnangagwa was speaking at the conclusion of a visit by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who was in Harare for the South Africa-Zimbabwe Bi-National Commission.

The Zanu PF leader, vowing not to “commit the mistakes of those who have gone ahead of us” and emphasising the need to catch up with other developing countries, made a point to acknowledge domestic opposition to his political programme.

“We will not be swayed by negative forces. Even the Lord upstairs was not able to keep his house in order, he had Satan. So, these things happen, but he still remains there as the Creator,” Mnangagwa said.

Prominent human rights lawyer Fadzayi Mahere tweeted: “My only question is: who is Satan? What a disappointing and unpresidential metaphor to use to describe those who disagree with the government.”

It is not the first time Mnangagwa has used biblical metaphors when addressing his opponents – and he always assumes the role of the Almighty.

At the height of the 1980s Gukurahundi massacres in Matabeleland, Mnangagwa told a rally: “Blessed are they who will follow the path of the government laws, for their days on Earth will be increased. But woe unto those who will choose the path of collaboration with dissidents for we will certainly shorten their stay on earth.”

In May 2015, Mnangagwa – while on a campaign stop in Midlands – likened the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) to Satan, announcing to the crowd: “We have come to cleanse you of the sins of the MDC.”

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