Ezekiel Guti’s Daughter Drags Husband To Court As Fight Over Children Escalates

ZAOGA Forward in Faith (FIF) Archbishop Ezekiel Guti ’s daughter has dragged her husband to the courts after he failed to return the couple’s two minor children to her custody.

Guti’s son-in-law Lindsay Nyajeka and his wife Ethanim Perfect Munamato Guti Nyajeka are having marital issues after Nyajeka accused his wife of cheating on him. In fact, last November, Nyajeka was arrested after he allegedly bashed his wife and fired a bullet through the roof of the couple’s home while threatening to kill the archbishop’s daughter over adultery claims.

Last month the courts issued an order which stated that Ethanim would have full custody of the couple’s two minor children while Nyakeka was given visitation rights which would allow him to have access to the children every other weekend.

However, when Nyajeka got custody of the children he failed to return them after the weekend had elapsed in breach of the court order. This led Ethanim to report him to the authorities for violating the court order.

Nyajeka appeared before Harare magistrate Francis Mapfumo on Friday facing contempt of court charges. Nyajeka was released on free bail and the matter was postponed to the 20th of March.

-iharare news

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