Nuthead fond!es girlfriend before vanishing with her, cash, underwear

A Harare man is in hot soup after he held hostage his girlfriend, before fond!ing her breasts and stealing her underwear, skin tights and $10.

Fortune Chinakidzwa who resides in Epworth appeared before Harare Magistrate Learnmore Mapiye, facing charges of indecent assault and theft.

It is in the state’s case that:

Chinakidzwa allegedly prevented his girlfriend from leaving after she had accompanied him to his house. Chinakidzwa is reported to have hidden the keys to the door when his girlfriend Prisca Chitura had said that she wanted to go home.

Chinakidzwa then went onward to fond!e Chitura’s breasts, whilst grappling onto her skin-tight, without her consent.
After a scuffle between the two, Chitura managed to break free from Chinakidzwa and went to sleep in his dining room.
The next morning when Chitaura wanted to leave, she found that her panties, skin-tight and $10 were missing. Chinakidzwa was later arrested after the matter was reported to the police.

However, state papers do not state how Chitaura’s underwear was stolen.

Chinakidzwa was granted $150 bail and the matter was deferred to March 25.


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