Gweru cops nabbed with 400 kgs of mbanje

Three Police officers from Gweru Central are under investigation after they were found in possession of nine bags of mbanje that were allegedly on transit from Mozambique to Kwekwe.

The bags found on the scene are the large ones that normally carry 90kg of maize each.
The cops were arrested at Chatsworth in Gutu after one of the two cars in their convoy a Mark II had a breakdown.

The three, Constable Muwala Daniel, Constable Dube Edwin of Police Intelligence and Detective Constable Mafunga Mafunga are refuting the allegations and they claim that the mbanje haul belonged to a suspect that they had arrested for a different case.

They said that they arrested Cephas Sibanda (35) of Mbizo 1 Kwekwe for robbery and they were taking him to Gweru. Ironically, their superiors did not have such a case and there was no sanction for them to go to Gutu on business.

Efforts to get a comment from the Police were futile. However, internal Police communication in the hands of The Mirror confirm the story. The case is being investigated under Chatsworth RRB number 3439041.

The Police memo says on February 23, 2019 at 9am Police was tipped that there were two suspected mobile mbanje dealers driving a white Mark II motor vehicle heading towards Chatsworth.

When they had a breakdown at Chatsworth, two men were seen offloading bags from the broken down vehicle and hiding them in a nearby bush.
A team of officers at Chatsworth swiftly responded and found the cars fitting the given description.

In front of the broken down Mark II was a Honda Fit.
The honda fit had four relaxing occupants and some were asleep. The occupants were ordered to produce their identities which showed that they were cops. They explained their business.

The Police details said they were the owners of the Honda Fit and were escorting Sibanda, the owner of the broken down Mark II vehicle as he was wanted for robbery cases in Gweru.

Chatsworth cops were surprised that Sibanda was not handcuffed and ordered him to unlock his car. Sibanda complied and a chocking smell of dagga escaped from the vehicle. He led Police to where he had hidden the bags of mbaje.

Masvingo Mirror

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