Horror As Ruthless Step-Mother Beats Step-Daughter To Death

A Chimanimani woman has landed herself in trouble with the law after she allegedly murdered her eleven-year-old stepdaughter following a domestic dispute. Police confirmed the case which occurred on February 26.

“On the day in question Lydia Nezandoi (28) of Zondai Village 15 in Bvumbura under Chief Mutambara was with her two stepdaughters and her biological son who were playing. However, trouble began when Leon Matiza – the suspect’s son – fell down and the suspect quickly accused her stepdaughter Merjury to have caused the incident,” said Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa.

Lydia took a log and hit Merjury several times until she fell unconscious.

Joseph Matiza heard his daughters screaming and he rushed home to check. He found Merjury unconscious and took her to Mutambara Mission Hospital where she was admitted. The following day Merjury’s condition deteriorated and she was transferred to Mutare Provincial Hospital where she later died from the injuries she sustained during the attack. Matiza made a police report which resulted in Lydia’s arrest.

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