‘I Have A Formula For Defeating Zanu-PF’ – Mwonzora Speaks

Mwonzora said in an interview that he has experienced defeating Zanu-PF a number of times already and that he holds a formula on how to do this.

He was speaking with The Standard’s Obey Manayiti In the Big Interview. Said Mwonzora:

I have a formula for defeating that party. I defeated Zanu PF first as a member of ZUM ( Zimbabwe Unity Movement) and fought against a one-party state and we won.

In 1989-90, we fought against a one-party state and I was a member of the students’ union as well as a member of ZUM, where I was in the executive as will presidential spokesperson.

We were able to defeat Zanu PF in its one-party state agenda.

In 1997 I took the government to court over the constitutionality of the Political Parties Finance Act and I successfully challenged it in on the Supreme Court, which he was the Constitutional Court on that occasion.

I have been a member of alt- the MDC and as a member of Copac we have had our new Constitution and it came via the leadership I offered to my colleagues. So I am not doubtful regarding what I can achieve.

I think I do possess the abilities of strategic thinking and strategic planning. I think I will be more difficult for the Zanu PF people.\\

Mwonzora has been asked about the claims that Zanu-PF is interfering in the MDC-Alliance politics with a bid to influence who becomes president of the party after the May 24 party congress.

-Pindula News

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