Intercape Bus Strikes & Injures People At Pretoria Bus Station


Passengers and a driver were injured after an Intercape bus coach arrived at a station in Pretoria and struck people waiting at the stop.

Intercape management said on Wednesday that the bus was inbound from Zimbabwe and was off-loading passengers at the station.

In the video recording of the incident, passengers are seen standing with their luggage at the station.

The bus turns slowly, then appears to accelerate. People standing on the platform fall to the ground as the bus passes. Some people then come to their aid.

The incident happened at 5.48am on Monday.

Intercape management said there were 50 passengers and two drivers on the coach at the time.

One passenger on the bus, the driver and people standing on the platform were injured.

Three passengers were taken to hospital and were discharged on the same day.

“The appropriate authorities are investigating the cause of the incident. Intercape is assisting all relevant authorities with their investigations.

“Senior Intercape officers were on the site and assisted the injured passengers and their families. Intercape is saddened by the incident and will do whatever we can to assist the passengers during this difficult time,” the bus service said.

Intercape suspended one of its bus drivers in December 2018 after a video of him driving recklessly went viral on social media. That coach was travelling from Cape Town to Durban.


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