Latest Prices of basic commodities go up 200%

Prices of most basic commodities have gone up by up to 200 percent over the weekend in Zimbabwe.

Retailers have argued that the price remain the same in United States Dollar terms but have increased in Bond Dollar terms as the local currency continues to plummet.

Butter which had all but disappeared from shelves in the last two weeks resurfaced with the biggest increase in price. A tub of 500g of margarine, which used to cost about $7 Bond is now pegged at $22,50 Bond by most retailers.

Cooking oil, which cost about $ 7 Bond in most supermarkets on Friday, now costs up to $14 Bond depending on where one is buying.

2kg sugar, which was about $ 4 Bond on Friday is now being sold for up to $6 bond by leading supermarkets.

A consumer in Bulawayo told Bulawayo24.com that the increases were a reflection that the government has abandoned the people.

“Imagine, in November last year, sugar 2kg used to cost $2 Bond now it has almost trebbled. If you were getting paid about $500 Bond a month in November last year, you need to be getting about $3 000 monthly to maintain the same lifestyle. Our leaders do not care as they keep promising us things will improve when they hire expensive luxury planes to globetrot every day,” said Miss Nomagugu Ncube.

Mr Aaron Moyo of Harare said Zimbabweans have become slaves in their own country as they work only for food.

“You get paid, you try to buy enough food until the next pay day so there is no saving or investing. How different is that from slavery?,” he asked.

Salaries have remained stagnant since 2017.

— Byo24

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