Linda Masarira Faces The Boot From MDC-T Over ZANU-PF Regalia

The Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T has said it is probing why its national spokesperson Linda Masarira was pictured wearing Zanu PF regalia.

All registered political parties in Zimbabwe have paraphernalia that contain symbols and colours which identify them distinctively and also undoubtedly help in many ways to enhance their respective political campaigns across the length and breadth of the country.

Masarira was pictured at her supposed in-laws in a rural setting, wearing a wrap-over commonly called “Zambia” with Zanu PF party symbols and colours, usually used to decorate campaign grounds, party meetings and many other places.

This triggered an avalanche of responses from different people who said the move confirmed widespread rumours that she has been working with Zanu PF ever since she parted ways with the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC.

This comes as the Khupe-led MDC has just headed-off accusations by exiled former Cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo that the party was in bed with Zanu PF. While Khupe has since her ascendancy to the MDC-T presidency frantically tried on numerous occasions to shake off the Zanu PF link tag, it has somehow proved futile.

The latest pictures for Masarira clad in Zanu PF regalia seem to have added salt to an already blistering wound, with the party president indicating Masarira has to explain what could have happened.
“The MDC-T has noted the pictures of its spokesperson which have gone viral on different platforms.

“The party has not yet met with Ms. …Masarira, and we will only be able to give a full statement once we have had the opportunity to engage with her on the disturbing and confusing pictures.

“We implore the media and the public in general to afford us the opportunity to engage with Ms. …Masarira, on this matter,” Khupe said through her spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni.

He said the party will follow the provisions of the constitution in dealing with the matter before referring questions to party national chairperson Abednico Bhebhe.

“We are very disturbed indeed and we shall deal with that in the best interest of the party and our supporters, in fact, not only our supporters, but for the generality of Zimbabwean opposition voters.

“We have no link with Zanu PF and we will never in a lifetime be linked to an evil political party,” Bhebhe told the Daily News.

Contacted for comment, Masarira told the Daily News that the hullaballoo about a Zanu PF waist cloth she was wearing was ill advised and uncalled for.

She rejected inferences about the symbolisms or symbolic meanings of the Zanu PF identity symbols and colours she was wearing.

“First and foremost, I see an insatiable appetite for skulduggery.

“Zimbabweans have been divided along political and tribal lines for a very long time which has had an adverse effect on social relationships and transformation of our communities.

Our social fabric is broken and all politicians have a mandate to mend the brokenness in our society,” Masarira said.
“It’s sad that Zimbabweans are polarised to the extent of creating enmity even in family structures because of differing political opinions or preferences.

“While the followers throw insults and abuse at each other, political party leaders mix and mingle, have coffee and whisky together and even have businesses together.

— DailyNews

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